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Our Purpose
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Vision Statement
(what we see)

Organizations are in trouble. Black holes threaten organization functionality, the welfare, and even the existence of organizations.

Mission Statement
(our reason for existing)

Our mission is to increase the potential for organizations to reach their goals, of which long term survival and prosperity is one.

Execution Statement
(how we will fulfill our reason for existing)

We will achieve our mission by applying uncomplicated Corporate Streamlining Technology® to organizations: to identify black hole creating items; to help repair the damage they have caused; and to terminate the root causes of black holes, there by freeing organizations of black holes that are holding organizations back.

Uph™ (Unifying Philosophy Statement)
(what drives us)

[We recognize corporations are operated by people therefore we have developed the following unifying philosophy statement that drives us to help executives and other employees ease the pain caused by black holes. Root causes of problems often reside at the micro-level inside black holes, therefore we zero pain by terminating root causes of problems. This Uph™ is incorporated into our Execution Statement which is incorporated into our Mission Statement]

Zero pain by terminating root causes™.

Gain the comfort that all is well within your organization...by making it so™  

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