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Our Offerings

  1. On-site locating and eradicating failures of basic activities

  2. Preparing process maps

  3. Developing and writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

  4. Training employees on the SOPs

  5. Reinforcing compliance to SOPs via exception reports, coaching, etc.

  6. Developing a Key Performance Management reporting system

  7. Train customer personnel on locating and eradicating failures of basic activities:
    • Level 1 – at the streamliner level (intense 3-day course plus on-site training)
    • Level 2 – an overview for employees (2 hour overview)

  8. The usual labour broker type work that can be handled by someone with an education in finance/accounting or other business/operations oriented education. Work such as vacation coverage, handling overloads or backlogs, handling other problems management knows or suspects.

    By performing this type of work we satisfy an immediate known need of the customer while at the same time familiarizing ourselves with how the customer organization is structured, its personnel, its systems, and how it operates. And the customer becomes familiar with the streamliners' personalities. This leaves the possibility of us staying on after the initial project is complete to perform a streamlining project of locating then eradicating failures of basic activities anywhere in the organization should the customer choose to do so.

Gain the comfort that all is well within your organization...by making it so™  

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