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Gains Realized
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Below is a limited list of organizational gains that can potentially be realized by eliminating a black hole in an organization as the actual gains are potentially limitless:

[Bullet]increase in sales because of lower costs and better delivery times;
[Bullet]market domination if company product is wanted and needed and differentiated;
[Bullet]increase in employee creativity and productivity as pressures lift;
[Bullet]real increased profits or reduced losses;
[Bullet]real increased margins;
[Bullet]accounts receivable reduced and brought current;
[Bullet]accounts payable reduced and brought current;
[Bullet]inventory on hand better reflects needs;
[Bullet]improved cash flow;
[Bullet]improved real financial ratios;
[Bullet]management reports no longer conflict;
[Bullet]management in better control of the organization;
[Bullet]reduced risk (transparency, fewer variables);
[Bullet]improved flow within the organization;
[Bullet]calmer, more in control organization that can better self-repair;
[Bullet]fewer employees required to accomplish more work;
[Bullet]new view of organization enhances strategic planning (resources and abilities better known);
[Bullet]fewer creditor problems;
[Bullet]capacity opens up;
[Bullet]easier to attract and retain good people;
[Bullet]morale up;
[Bullet]communication vastly improved

In a world of hyper competition and increased market risks it would be wise to handle as many black hole creating items as one can identify because doing so might be the action necessary to secure the organization’s future.

Gain the comfort that all is well within your organization...by making it so™  

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