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Dynamics and Principles
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If one looks at organizations and identifies dynamics of organizations and understands these dynamics then one can develop sound principles of organizations that, if followed, will increase the probability of improving the long term survival and prosperity of organizations.

Sample Only of DYNAMICS of Organizations

  1. Organization composition includes "flows", "units", "intentions", and "cycles";
  2. Cycles can be broken and flows can be stuck;
  3. Organizations contain a critical path(s) or "sweet spot";
  4. Organizations or their parts can experience pain, confusion, ignorance, neglect, hostility, betrayal, overwhelm, suppression, doubt, apathy, fear and other human elements and these experiences can cause dramatic detrimental affects on the organization;
  5. Syntropy (a tendency toward harmonious association in a closed system) and entropy (a tendency toward disorder or randomness in a closed system) are in a constant battle with each other and if syntropy forces are less than entropy forces the organization can become confused and chaotic and lose it’s form (fall apart);
  6. The abilities and value of human resources can appear to be very similar but in fact be very dissimilar;
  7. Policies, procedures, manuals, checklists, worksheets, reconciliation, balancing, and logs that are looked at and used by organization personnel tend to stabilize organizations.

Sample Only of PRINCIPLES

  1. To obtain best organizational results organizations should be viewed as organisms that utilize mechanical tools rather than the organization itself being a mechanical tool;
  2. Standardize forms, procedures, products as much as possible;
  3. Minimize the number of variables;
  4. Review the operational health of the organization at the lowest unit of organizations, then execute repairs;
  5. Attention must constantly be applied to holding the form of the organization;
  6. Ensure that everyone who is on the payroll is productive and constructive;
  7. Approach streamlining organizations on a gradient.

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