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Corporate Streamlining Technology®

Corporate Streamlining Technology® encompasses a very broad body of knowledge that includes Critical Path Technology® and many more techniques, approaches and activities that can be utilized to streamline a business. Whereas Critical Path Technology® addresses core business basics, the thread that runs through the organization which really IS the business, the remainder of Corporate Streamlining Technology® addresses clearing the burden readying the organization for Critical Path Technology®, building a long term sustainable base within the organization, turning an organization that is having some difficulties into one that is "pretty darn good", and addressing the appendages to the critical path which are a cost to the business but are necessary evils, or are they? Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, cash forecasting and cash management, hedge programs, general accounting, payroll, human resources for the most part, building maintenance, corporate records, information technology, banking - they are all a cost to the business one way or another.

The critical path generates contribution margin and the appendages generate expenses. Critical Path Technology® addresses the generation of contribution margin and the remainder of Corporate Streamlining Technology® addresses contribution margin as well but it also addresses all the other expenses many of which are incurred within the appendages.

"We work with a purpose,
and an urgency.
We work for a result: a less confused,
less stressful operation
that is smoother,
more efficient,
more effective,
more in control,and
more survival oriented."

"A new point of view"

"A new vision"

Organizations tend to grow disorganized over time and important connections become disconnected. Corporate Streamlining Company Inc. re-connects the people, departments and functions and uses particular types of glue to hold the form of the organization and this is accomplished by way of Corporate Streamlining Technology®. Corporate Streamlining Technology® also includes clearing away any burden that would hinder the application of Critical Path Technology®, and so Corporate Streamlining Technology® is the start point in the streamlining process as well as the end point with Critical Path Technology® sandwiched in the middle.

Key Benefits

[Bullet] A more organized, less confused and calmer organization with less waste and greater productivity.
[Bullet] An increase in morale.
[Bullet] Reduced corporate risk and greater certainty.
[Bullet] A firm base that will enhance the long term survival and prosperity of the organization.
[Bullet] An organization that is aligned to its purpose.


[Bullet] Company wide or division wide or departmental systematic function / business reviews to determine the health of the organization as an organism.
[Bullet] Company wide or division wide or departmental systematic function / business reviews to identify both short term and long term problems and opportunities.
[Bullet] Implementation of immediate and longer term fixes.
[Bullet] Handle issues that are holding management's attention, disbursing the organization's talents and draining the organization of energy.
[Bullet] Bring any backlog situations to current status.
[Bullet] Encourage compliance to existing procedures.
[Bullet] Develop and implement new procedures.
[Bullet] Hold the form of the organization.
[Bullet] Assess matrices to ensure management's plans are possible.
[Bullet] Verify data integrity.
[Bullet] Cleaning up confusion of many kinds such as can occur due to rapid growth or a merger.
[Bullet] Numerous other capabilities all with an end result of "RESOLVED".

Areas Where Corporate Streamlining Company Inc. has Gained Exposure

[Bullet] Strategy.
[Bullet] Accounting.
[Bullet] Treasury.
[Bullet] Hedging.
[Bullet] Corporate Governance.
[Bullet] Production.
[Bullet] Accounts Receivable.
[Bullet] Quality Control.
[Bullet] Annual Budget Preparation.
[Bullet] Standards.
[Bullet] Purchasing.
[Bullet] Capital Projects.
[Bullet] Engineering & Maintenance.
[Bullet] Sales Administration.
[Bullet] Job Costing.
[Bullet] Shipping.
[Bullet] Inventory Management & Control.
[Bullet] Project Leader.


Gain the comfort that all is well within your organization...by making it so™  

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