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Ron Lutka, CPA, CMA, ACIS, P.ADM, CorpS, Acc.Dir
President and Streamliner

Corporate Streamlining Company Inc. is a privately held company incorporated under the laws of Ontario, Canada and located in Richmond Hill, Ontario. The company utilizes professional staff trained in Corporate Streamlining Technology®. The Corporate Streamlining Technology® and the Corporate Streamlining Technology® manual have been developed and written by Ronald F. Lutka CPA, CMA, ACIS, P.ADM, CorpS, Acc.Dir who is the President of Corporate Streamlining. Ron has a natural bent toward organizing and streamlining that has been his hallmark throughout his career.

We provide value to our customers by understanding what our customers' purposes are. Then helping our customers to achieve those purposes by driving our customers toward maximizing output as rapidly as possible in the direction of those purposes and as efficiently as possible while maintaining a level of quality demanded by the marketplace. Maximizing output as rapidly as possible and as efficiently as possible extends well beyond the plant floor and in fact reaches every corner of the business. And this is true of EVERY business. "Handle back logs (work done), better align organizations from the bottom up, and terminate root causes of problems" is a bird's eye view of the company.

Corporate Streamlining is ideally suited for companies, subsidiaries, divisions, plants, departments or sections with $50 million to $500 million in annual sales or 100 to 1000 employees. Larger assignments are also welcome. To date our largest customer had annual sales well over $1 billion.

Gain the comfort that all is well within your organization...by making it so™  

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